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Volleyball Training Camps

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Volleyball Training Camps

The coaches, teachers, and trainers around Combine Academy’s Volleyball Training Camps are dedicated in supporting each student athlete to reach their dreams. In the steps leading to a collegiate career by our athletes, the level of professionalism taught by our coaching staff is unmatched by anyone in the area. At this level, Combine Academy is committed to ensuring all players understand the game to the fullest extent, put it into action, and realize the sport is more than just physicality. Combine Academy Volleyball, as well as every other sport offered by Combine, focuses highly on building strong academics, strong self-esteem, and strong work ethics to be pursued in college and well after.

July 15th - 16th, 9:00am -4:00pm

  • For rising 8th graders through rising 12th graders
  • Ran by Charlene Johnson Whitted and her son Kaipo Tagaloa.
  • Camp slots are reserved on a first come first serve basis and are non refundable.

Training Camps Include:

  • Skill/Player Development
  • Open Runs/Competition
  • Conditioning/Cardiovascular Training

Overnight Campers Also Receive:

  • College Style Dorm Living with 2-3 students per Room
  • Nutritional Supplementation
  • Yoga/Regeneration/Injury Prevention
  • Sports Performance Training

Additional Services Offered Include:

  • Filmed Workouts
  • Statistical Breakdown of Workouts
  • Massage Therapy

Individual Training

A beneficial way to develop individual skills on the court is training independently with Combine Volleyball. Individual skill development sessions enable players to get the maximum number of repetitions in drills comprised of serving, passing, hitting, and blocking.

Group Training

Combine volleyball Group Training has proven to be an especially effective form of player development due to the raised level of intensity that comes from the competition between players within the same session. Combine Volleyball group training sessions focus on small group competition and individual skill development comprised of serving, passing, hitting, and blocking.

Strength & Conditioning

The main focus within our Strength and Conditioning program is developing and improving our clients’ athleticism. The Combine Volleyball Strength and Conditioning System focuses on gaining Core and Gluteus Strength, while strengthening muscle groups that aid in injury prevention.

Team Training

Combine Volleyball team training sessions focus on competition, team unity, and team skill development.


COMBINE ACADEMY is located in Charlotte, NC, in the popular Lincolnton area on a beautiful 43 acre campus. The Lincolnton area is a safe and affluent part of the Charlotte community, with great schools, shops, and restaurants. Charlotte is one of the fastest growing international cities in the United States which offers excellent mass transit and an international airport with easy access to major cities across the globe.

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