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Management & Coaches

Combine’s Management Team and Coaching Staff is comprised of former Collegiate, NBA, MLB, MLS, and FIBA coaches, scouts, and administrators that have an immense amount of knowledge on the American Collegiate Sports System.

Management & Administration

Jonah Baize

Jonah Baize

President & CEO
Jonah Baize has spent a lifetime of dedication to... View Bio
Matt Morris

Matt Morris

Matt Morris joined Combine Academy in 2015 and has... View Bio
Mat Williamson

Mat Williamson

General Manager
Mat Williamson joined the Combine Academy staff 6... View Bio
Alex Stewart - Associate Director of Administration

Alex Stewart

Associate Director of Administration


Gina Baucom

Gina Baucom

Head of School
Ms. Baucom comes to Combine with extensive... View Bio
Kurt Wessler

Kurt Wessler

Associate Head of School/Social Studies Department Chair
Before joining Combine, Kurt worked for 29 years... View Bio
Reylinda Phillips - Science Department Chair/Director of Digital Learning

Reylinda Phillips

Science Department Chair/Director of Digital Learning
Ms. Phillips joined Combine Academy this year after 4 years... View Bio

Sydney Walmsley

English Department Chair/Spanish Teacher
David Stouffer - Math Teacher

David Stouffer

Math Department Chair/SAT Prep Coordinator 
David Stouffer joined Combine Academy in 2020 as... View Bio

Abby Baucom

French Teacher
Penny Bost Schrum

Penny Schrum

ESL Instructor
Mrs. Penny Bost Schrum brings years of... View Bio
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Michael Wright - Head Coach

Michael Wright

Head Coach - National HS Basketball
Tim Respass

Tim Respass

Head Coach - Regional/Global HS Basketball
Tim Respass joined Combine Academy in August 2020... View Bio

George Brown

Head Coach – High School Varsity
Steve Jecewiz

Steve Jecewiz

Head Coach – Post Graduate
Steve Jecewiz joined Combine Academy as the Executive... View Bio
Nate Pausa

Nate Pausa

Director of Basketball Operations/Video Coordinator 
Nate Pausa graduated from Arcadia University in 2016 with... View Bio
AJ Jones - Assistant Coach and Director of Recruitment

AJ Jones

Assistant Coach/Director of Recruiting - High School National

Ben Johnson

Assistant Coach – High School National
Sam Pipes - Assistant Coach - Varsity HS Basketball

Sam Pipes

Assistant Coach – High School Regional & Global

Kanian Justiniano

Assistant Coach – High School

Patrick Brion

Director of Off-Season Training


Adam Akin

Adam Akin

President - Baseball & Golf
Adam Akin started his coaching career as an... View Bio
Alex Speas - High School Baseball Head Coach

Alex Speas

Head Coach - High School
Alex Speas is a Powder Springs, Georgia native... View Bio

Eli Boles

Pitching Coach 

Randy Norris

Assistant Baseball Coach


Bob Reasso

Bob Reasso

Executive Director and Head Coach - Soccer
Reasso spent a majority of his 30+ year hall... View Bio
Nathan (Sasa) Regis

Nathan Sasa Regis

Head Coach - Soccer
Nathan (Sasa) Regis was born and raised in Trinidad... View Bio

Craig Hollis

Associate Head Coach/Goalkeeper Coach

Kendall Jackson

Assistant Coach


Adam Akin

Adam Akin

President - Baseball & Golf
Adam Akin started his coaching career as an... View Bio
Andrew Macbean

Andrew Macbean

Head Coach
Andrew “Drew” MacBean joined Combine Academy in... View Bio

Sports Performance & Athletic Training

Miguel Sousa

Director of Sports Performance
Mitchell Smith-Bey - Strength and Conditioning Coordinator (Baseball/Golf)

Mitchell Smith-Bey

Strength and Conditioning Coordinator (Baseball/Golf)

Jim Bazluki

Director of Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainer

Candice Fleming 

Athletic Trainer

Facilities and Grounds

Steve Hood

Director of Facilities and Grounds

David Sparrow

Associate Director of Facilities and Grounds
TL Smith - Head of Security

TL. Smith

Director of Campus Security
TL. started his career in Law Enforcement in 1991 graduating... View Bio

Niyesha Green

Security Officer

Dining Services

Kim Johnson

Director of Dining Services

Jami Bailey

Combine Café Staff

Donald Schism

Combine Café Staff

Gary Smith

Combine Café Staff

Tammy Parker

Combine Café Staff

Additional Staff

In addition to the Management Team, Coaches, and Teachers listed above, Combine Academy has additional staff members in the divisions of Culinary, Maintenance, Security, and more.


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