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Sean Devlin

Sean Devlin - Assistant Athletic Trainer

Sean attended Michigan State University, where he graduated with two degrees, one in Athletic Training and the other in Kinesiology. During his undergraduate education, he served as a Teaching Assistant for several athletic training classes and had a chance to mentor younger students. He also had the opportunity to participate in several study-abroad programs around the world, gaining lots of international experience and interest. After Graduating from MSU, Sean decided to spend a year studying in Japan to grow his international experience and learn Japanese. As an Athletic Trainer, Sean looks to provide athletes the best possible care to allow them to participate in their chosen sport as safely as possible. Sean uses a hands-on approach, with lots of manual medicine and education to keep athletes healthy. He also incorporates new research and techniques to improve his practice and provide the best possible care. In the future Sean plans to further his education and practice by gaining additional certifications based on strong evidence-based research. He also has a goal to serve on National Athletic Trainers' Association’s International Committee to promote the growth of the athletic training field and ensure that athletes all around the world have access to the proper healthcare to allow them safe sports participation. Contact Sean Devlin at: [email protected] or at 704-909-0540.

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